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Streamlining SAP Fiori Testing with the Test User App from the Fiori Tracker Suite

SAP S/4HANA project teams support SAP Fiori apps available on SAP Fiori Launchpad. An essential aspect of the support is testing. Since the apps are designed based on roles, the team requires test users with those roles.

Why Fast Test User Access matters?

Quick access to test users is crucial in several scenarios. During an implementation project, test users are needed to test configured processes and perform unit tests on custom apps or extensions. In the support phase, they're essential for replicating reported issues and verifying if they have been resolved. With test users' details at hand, the SAP Fiori developer can immediately start his work. If not, he waits or gets involved in lengthy email exchanges to get access instead of developing the app, and the work on the request is delayed.

Details on the user name and pass are just a prerequisite. More problems can block the development:

  • Locked users
  • Validity expired
  • Password changed by another team member
  • The test user does not have the relevant roles
  • Data is not available for that user

Centralized Management

To avoid delays, the developer should have access to a centrally managed list of all test users. Functional consultants and authorization experts could decide what roles the test users should have, just as they planned the roles for the end users.

Solution: Test User App

The Test User app from Fiori Tracker Suite provides this function. This app logs all test users. It directly links test user records with roles and indirectly links them with catalogs and apps. Another Fiori Tracker Suite feature, "Blueprinting the roles for the end users," makes the linking so the role-catalog-app structure is always up to date. The app centralizes management and is accessible to everyone in the QA system, making your testing process swift.

Test users

Best of all, Fiori Tracker is free if you let us feature your company name as a user. Contact us to get the installation file.